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Toyota Lease Return Checklist

Step 1. Have Your Vehicle Inspected

45-60 days prior to the termination of your lease, you will be contacted by DataScan Field Services (DFS) to schedule a complimentary vehicle inspection at your home, place of business or other convenient location. Upon completing the inspection, the DFS representative will provide a detailed estimate of any excess wear and use charges.


Step 2. Contact Stokes Brown Toyota

If your inspection report indicates repairs are necessary, Stokes Brown Toyota can often help with cost-effective repairs. Please retain all repair receipts so that they can be provided to confirm the repairs were made.


Step 3. Schedule Your Turn-in Appointment

Once repairs (if any) have been made, please contact Stokes Brown Toyota to schedule your turn-in appointment.


Step 4. Turn-in Your Vehicle

Bring all keys, alarm system key fobs, Owner's Manual, spare tire, and third-seat (if applicable) to your turn-in appointment and provide them to the dealer representative upon vehicle return.


Step 5. Complete Your Lease Obligations (Very Important)


  • -Sign and return the Odometer Statement mailed to you by Stokes Brown Toyota of Hilton Head Finance in the self-addressed envelope provided. Or print your Odometer Statement from this site.


  • -If you had repairs completed prior to vehicle turn-in, include those with your Odometer Statement. Make sure you send legible copies of your repair receipts, so we can properly credit your account. Please include your VIN# or Stokes Brown Toyota of Hilton Head Finance Account# on each receipt.


  • -Call Stokes Brown Toyota of Hilton Head Finance at 855-488-5398 immediately after vehicle turn-in to confirm the vehicle was turned in and the end mileage.

Or fill out the contact form below to schedule you no pressure inspection appointment.

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